Tycoon’s all-new World Rhythms Collection, designed in collaboration with artist and educator Kalani Das, includes specially selected and designed instruments for classroom drumming. The appropriate drums and hand percussion instruments comes and sold in the complete set that has instruments grouped into groups for Caribbean, Brazilian, and West African music and are the perfect size, volume, and sound for music education purposes. The complete set is designed to provide maximum versatility for students while remaining true to the music with authentic designs and sounds.

Kalani’s World Rhythms program, available from Hal Leonard Publishing (pictured in the second page), helps students play and sing world music while developing key musical techniques, knowledge of drumming culture, and important social and emotional skills. This World Rhythms Collection of instruments is the perfect match for it, and completely brings the program to life. It moves music education beyond the “one-size-fits-all” model while taking the guess work out of selecting quality classroom instruments that will last a lifetime of music making.